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Project Description
Custom Web Analytics web part with some configurable settings for SharePoint 2010. Displays most visited pages in a Site Collection or a Subsite.

This is a custom web analytics webpart for SharePoint 2010 built using SharePoint web analytics API.

Data for the webpart is retrieved by calling "fnWAGetTopPages" function in the web analytics database which returns a list of most visited pages in SPSite/SPWeb.

This web part gives you a much more customised look comapred to the OOB Whatspopularwebpart/ Web Analytics Web part.

Results are displayed as "SiteTitle - PageTitle" format
Only shows pages from the Pages library
Configurable properties are : Number of pages to display, Put a limit on the length of anchor text, Display an image to the left of the links, add footer text , query scope (Site Collection or Subsite), Time period (days) limit for the results.
I have only tested this webpart in a SharePoint 2010 publishing site.
  • Web analytics feature must be turned on for this webpart to work
  • if OOB Analytics web part is displaying data - then this web part should also display the most viewed pages

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